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Why You'll Never Be Stuck For A Gift Idea Again!

Ever been stuck for imaginative gift ideas for family & friends?

Then we've got just the thing for you - affordable, bespoke artwork is now available at Plastic Pam.

Simply email us an image & we'll create a unique design just for you.

Examples of our pukka Pop Art:


How about one of these for your wall?

This picture was taken on a mobile phone but we've transformed it into a special keepsake.

We'll supply you with a high res .JPEG or .PNG file or we can print and deliver a canvas or poster to you.

Hang with Celebrities!

Fancy making a business decision for Branson? Or signing for a Premiership Club? Just ping us a photo and we'll do the rest.

Don't worry if you're not Annie Liebovitz! Although high res images are great just a snap from your mobile phone will do the job!

Transform into a Toy Soldier!

Do you have an army or military nut in your life? How about transforming them into a Toy Soldier!

We can make any background disappear and we can even put you on a T-shirt if you wish....or how about a Tote Bag for Mummies little soldier!

Animals & Pets!

These make terrific presents for the many animal lovers and pet owners out there!

Add background colours/tell a story/add text....just let us know what you need!

Spice up your life!

Been to a concert or gig recently.....really been caught up in the moment and wish to create memories?

Then why not go for the option of a black & white background and colour foreground?

Sports Star!

For all you sports fans out there!

The possibilities are endless!

Perfect Xmas & Greetings Cards

There are numerous websites available now where you can upload your own image like www.moonpig.com - why don't you get Plastic Pam to design a xmas card for you. You can then upload the design on to one of these sites and print as many cards as you like! We can add text to the front if required too.


Cement your love forever by turning a loved one into the Statue of Liberty!

Football Crazy?

For all those football nuts out there - why not turn yourself or a loved one into a Premiership Soccerstarz figure?

Again we can just supply the image or why not put the image on a phone case?

For further information regarding our bespoke art click here

Or simply drop us an email

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