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15 Things To Expect At UEFA Euro 2016

Euro 2016 kicks off this evening in Paris.

We'll all endure a roller coaster ride - supporting our teams through thick and thin. That's why we decided to put together our ultimate guide.

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Plastic Pam's Ultimate Euro 2016 Guide:

#1. Headers

There'll be players putting their bodies and heads on the line thats for sure!

'Ave It!!

Get your tits out girls!

#2. Skills

Sit back and watch some sublime football skills! Maybe some Cruyff turns or a scissor kick or two!

#3. Twenty Four Teams From All Over Europe

Including Russia....

#4. National Anthems

There won't be a dry eye in the house with the national anthems!

#5. Siege Mentality

This is war.....teams will do everything and anything to stop their opponents from winning.

#6. Pex Appeal

Let's hope there are lots of "worldies" scored - so we can see our heroes pull their shirts off to reveal some amazing abs!!

#7. Injuries

Ouch! There'll be plenty of injuries....some of them genuine......most of them not!!

#8. Handbags at Dawn

Knowing the sport that is football - there'll be plenty of "handbag" moments!

#9. Squeaky Bum Time!

Haha.....there'll be plenty of nerves believe you and me.....especially as the tournament progresses.

#10. Tears!

Please, please, please, please don't let England have to take part in any penalty shoot-outs! I'll definitely be watching behind a cushion - behind the sofa!

#11. Place Your Bets!

Millions of pounds will be wagered up and down the country and plenty of sweep stake action too.....Good Luck!

#12. Celebrations

As well as heartache there will no doubt be a lot of celebrating too!

#13. Barbecues

Will be lit up and down the Country! Will the weather behave??

#14. Booze!

Goodness only knows how many gallons of alcohol will be consumed over the space of the tournament.....alot!

#15. Hanky Panky!

Depending on results.....we could all be in for some Hanky Panky too!!

(Fingers Crossed)

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