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7 Bizarre Barbie Inspired Fashion Pieces!

Barbs is one lucky chick to have had so many cool outfits over the years.

Look at who she's inspired!

Drum Roll Please:

#1. Barbie Bra

Not sure how comfortable that would be but good effort anyway!

Get your tits out girls!

#2. Barbie Skirt

Love it! Just hope they don't fall off!

#3. Barbie Shoes

Another cracking idea!

Good luck in walking in them though!

#4. Hairpiece

If you don't have any hair, why not use Barbie's hair as a big wig!


#5. Hat & Brooch


#6. Tattoo's

Nice Tats!

#7. Coat

A coat of many colours (& Barbies too)!

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