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10 Epic Barbie Cars!

Barbs is one lucky chick!

You should see some of her rides over the years!

Drumroll please:

#1. Austin Healy

Barbies very first car - the Austin Healey made its first appearance in 1962. Originally available in salmon although other colours were available such as blue and red. It was a 2 seater convertible which made it easy to for Barbie & pal to get in and drive!

Get your tits out girls!

#2. Corvette

Probably Barbie's signature car over the years...who wouldn't want to ride around in a pink or silver Corvette?

#3. Remote Controlled Corvette

How about this for a crackerjack?

#4. Motorhome

With an ever increasing circle of friends, Barbs invested in many a motorhome, including this beauty!

#5. The All American Chevy

Being the All American Gal that she is.....Barbie had to have a Chevy!

#6. Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Hang on a minute - this one even had working headlights....(lucky biatch)!

#7. 4 x 4

As Barbs would spend a lot of time off roading she had to have a 4x4 right?

#8. VW Cabriolet

Who knew Barbs was a girl racer? She had a classic VW Golf Cabaret.

#9. Rolls Royce

This is how Barbs rolls in her Rolls!

#10. Ferrari

Of course she had a Ferrari. The creme de la creme. You go girl!

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